MARCH is the month for FUNDRAISERS

March is typically a great month for fundraising events and there are many worth while organizations in need of your financial support.  Upstate Vegas Events will be joining many of these organizations to help in there fundraising efforts.  Please checkout the list below and go to our Facebook page for more details.  Thank you for all your help!

March 5 – GRASP Fundraiser at Brooklea CC beginning at 7 PM

March 5 – Jack & Jill Foundation Fundraiser held at Oakhill CC gaming starts at 8:30 PM

March 12 – Dream Factory Organization Fundraiser at Mr. Dominic’s in Fairport Erie Links CC, Syracuse at 7 PM

March 12 – Naples Hospice event at Bristol Harbour Village in Canandaigua starting at 6 PM

March 19 – Golisanos Children Hospital Fundraiser sponsored by TOPs at Eaglevale CC beginning at 7 PM.

March 19 – Greece Olympia High School Sports Boosters to be held in the gym beginning at 6:30 PM

March 19 – Genesee Valley BMW CCA Fundraiser at Oakhill CC starting at 6 PM

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